Beauty Struggles Every Girl Understands


Whatever beauty struggle it is you’re facing this morning, know that you are not alone. Every girl struggles to apply their mascara or perfect their brows, or even out their foundations too. To show you just what we mean, we’ve compiled some of the many beauty problems and struggles girls face. 

#1: Applying cat eye on a busy morning
Oh you have school or work, eh? Well, you might as well call in late because you’ll be staying in the drawing board for some time. Cat eye is probably the hardest feat to perfect when you’re in a hurry. They almost never cooperate the first few tries. 

# 2: Deciding whether or not to wash your hair
Ahh—the constant struggle of having to figure out whether your hair is due for a wash or not. Well to solve this issue, first determine the state of the weather outside. Do you foresee a nippy or windy day ahead? If you do, then you can skip your morning wash and just use dry shampoo. However, if it’s humid out and a sweat session is a sure event, then please go ahead and wash your hair. 
# 3: Too strong brows
So you went ahead and got a little too excited with your brow application. Now you have two really fat and brown caterpillars on your brow bones. You know what this means? It means you’re going to have to be late for whatever appointment that you have because you’re redoing your brows. No way are you stepping out of the house with those caterpillars in tow. 

Also, to avoid this from happening in the future, you might want to apply your brow product gradually. Just slowly build it up to your desired color and look. It’s easier to fix this way than having to remedy overly filled-in brows.