If you don't love the France then you will be pleased by the American manicure

About Us

Hello, I’m Marris Anet and my nail salon is Raspberry Balms. We offer a lot of treatments for your nails but overtime we realized that a good number of our clients love our nail overlays. Nail overlays are gel or acrylics products applied on top of your natural nails making them stronger and resistant to fracture. If you think our service solves your troubles you are invited for the treat!

Nail length

 guaranteed to distress you

Confidence Boost

With beautiful well groomed nails. It sure will make heads turn.  

Getaway from all

the spa is like a haven, an instant holiday  

Safe Ingredients

We use only natural ingredients and derivatives for our treatment  


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I pampered my nails with the Raspberry Balms Manicure for a friend's wedding over the weekend and everyone envied my nails. It was something different from everyone's else. The attention was a critical nourishment of my self esteem I really needed!

-- Verna Ellis

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